Welcome back stinkers! I have recently watched Inside Out 2, and I have taken it upon myself to give you my review of the film. I’m going to tell you, I absolutely adored this film. It’s really Pixar at its finest. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading my review. Once you’re done, make sure to stay tuned for a review on the original Inside Out.

Inside Out 2: Non-Spoiler Review

Like I said, I absolutely loved this movie. This movie really does what Pixar does best. This movie delivers on a more complex emotional side for the older audience, while at the same time, a great movie to show to kids. Like the first movie, this is great for both parents and kids. For the younger audience, it is able to show these complex emotions, in more of a simple way. I think that’s what this movie is able to do better than the last. I think the emotions were a lot better in this one. The representation for Anxiety was absolute perfection! With my current age, it’s able to make me understand my emotions more! I was even talking with my own dad, and he explained how it really resonated with him.

Going further along with the emotions, I had a blast with the old and the new. I still love the chemistry between these emotions, and I loved the bittersweet moments they shared. It was really just a great feel good story. Anger has to be my favorite emotion out of the old group, probably my favorite emotion out of all the cast. I just love what they did with the character. Now my favorite out of the new emotions, had to be Embarrassment. I just loved how they were able to build up his character all throughout the movie, without using any dialogue. I adore every single character in this movie. It was fun, funny, charming, it was really just the complete package.

Inside Out 2: Spoiler Review

Now that my non-spoiler review is out of the way, this is where I like to talk more in depth about Inside Out 2. I’ll further elaborate on some of my thoughts, going into some more specifics from the movie. So, that means I will from now on bring up spoilers. This is a spoiler warning. You have been warned.

The Original Emotions

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Now of course, the original cast returns for this Pixar feature. I say that, but with the exception of Fear and Disgust. Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are not returning for this installment. That isn’t necessarily a big deal. As soon as Inside Out 2 started to play, I didn’t notice the difference. Now if you’re purposely looking for the differences, you’re going to hear it. If I had to say, I think they’re better in this movie. I loved Disgust in here! I enjoyed all of these characters more in here, compared to the original. They were more charming in the sequel. Overall, their chemistry is amazing in this title. As of my first watch, I don’t think that it delivered on the emotional level that the first one did. However, there’s that one line. “I guess that’s what happens when you grow up, you feel less joy”. DAMN! Pixar does it again. Pixar is great at hitting you in an unexpected way.

They had some bittersweet moments all throughout here, and I think they take time to develop some of the other emotions’ arcs. I have to take this moment between Anger and Joy. They’re trying to make their way through the mind, and once they get to a dead end, Joy freaks out. That’s when Anger steps up and helps Joy up. That just shows the bond that these characters have. “Hey, I can’t always be the angry guy”. I love that line. Anger might have his faults, but he’s still a good person. It almost makes me wonder if these emotions have their own beliefs, like Riley does. I wonder if they have their own emotions controlling them, like what they are for Riley. This movie was certainly better at story. In the first one, it feels like Joy is the only character that gets developed. While in this one, they develop more of the other emotions. It then starts to spread to the new emotions, and I would say at least two of the new ones, started to grow in character.

The New Emotions

What Are the New Emotions in 'Inside Out 2'? All 4 Explained

Now this movie also featured the addition of four new emotions. Anxiety, Embarrassment, Envy, and Ennui (Boredom). Now I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did, but I thought they were great. The emotions continue to be beautifully casted! Paul Walter Houser was awesome as Embarrassment. I found him to be funny, as well as the rest of my theater. I also can’t forget to mention Envy. The character didn’t have much to do, but Ayo Edebiri did such a great job, I was completely charmed by her character. Now for Ennui, she was probably my least favorite out of the new emotions, but by the end, I started to grow towards the idea of Ennui. When she was given more to do, that’s when I enjoyed her the most.

Embarrassment might be my favorite out of the new emotions, but the one that stuck out the most was Anxiety. They did a spectacular job of personifying Anxiety. All of the emotions are personalized awesomely, but Anxiety definitely stuck out for me. Before, when people are talking about how relatable the first film is, and even things in this new one. Anxiety stepped up and said, “Hold my beer.” That display of a panic attack, was on point. That imagery in the movie is better than ever. I mentioned earlier how this movie is awesome for all ages. I would say that it is relatable for ages 12+. The movie is able to give a better understanding for teenagers on the more complex emotions (It certainly helped me). This movie is also able to resonate with older adults, who wish they had this movie growing up. Then for the kids that are younger, there’s still going to be a lot of entertainment value in this. Of course, this movie will be there for them, when their time comes.

Inside Riley’s Mind (Belief System)

Inside Out 2 runtime confirmed as shorter than first movie

Now I don’t only think that they had a better story in here, I think they were more creative. The more I talk about this movie, the more I like it. As of now, I think that the first one was better, but I think after a rewatch of the second one, I might end up liking this more. I loved the creativity that went into this, and how unique these films truly are. This film features the introduction of Riley’s belief system. It really becomes a prominent thing throughout the film. It then turns into one of the themes that’s a really important takeaway from the film. Joy’s arc continues, and she learns to let go of trying to control Riley. The same goes for Anxiety. That’s when that great imagery comes into play, and the tidal wave of forgotten memories floods Riley’s belief system. It’s around this time where I’m on the edge of my seat. Riley is having her panic attack, Anxiety won’t let go, the flood of forgotten memories appears.

That’s where the great message is kind of delivered. They allow Riley to be who she is. Each and every thing she has done is a part of who Riley is as a person. Riley doesn’t only grow in character, but when the emotions see Riley grow, they grow in character as well. Joy has had a lot of character growth since we first started, and I don’t think they’re stopping. Joy is an emotion that is constantly changing, and then we learn to adapt, and the emotion changes with us. So, as Riley gets older, Joy is still going to keep growing. A cool idea that popped in my head for a future movie is that Riley finds her first love. That starts to bring in new emotions. Love isn’t a standalone emotion though. Love consists of joy, sadness, and pretty much the rest of the cast of emotions. I don’t exactly know how you could establish something like that, but I know Pixar would be able to figure out a great way to.

Outside Riley’s Mind

Inside Out 2' – Story, Heart, Humor (Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Film) -  Pixar Post

I would say that Inside Out 2 focused a lot more on Riley, compared to the first one. Which I think ended up working out better anyways. With more screentime away from the emotions, we’re able to see more of the effects and impacts that take place. Now of course you would need that certain balance. We would need the emotions to have most of the screen time because they’re who drive the story. I guess having more screen time with just Riley fits this situation more than it would in the first. Riley is becoming more of her own person now, so it really makes since why they would give her a little bit more screen time. That’s where you can connect the emotions, like Anxiety. The imagery of Anxiety was on point, but where the relatability comes into play, is when we see Riley dealing with her panic attack. At least in my opinion, you can’t have one moment without the other.

Inside Out 2: Review Recap

I absolutely love this film! It just gets better and better every time I think about it. This might be one of my favorite Pixar movies. This film is very important and does an amazing job for providing for all different types of people. It’s entertaining for the kiddos (Entertaining for all ages). It’s also relatable for the adults that have already been through their teenage years. It is then also important to the people going through their teenage years. It really helps people (Including me) understand their emotions more.

That is going to be it for my review of Inside Out 2! Once again, I absolutely loved this film, I really loved talking about it. If you’re interested in more than check out The Big Stinker Blog, for more coverage on movies, TV, gaming, and more! Don’t forget I do other reviews and even breakdowns, so make sure you check those out. Stay tuned for a review of the original Inside Out, and much more! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read another one of my reviews. So, until next time stinkers! Bye bye.