Welcome back stinkers! I am currently catching up on some recent Nintendo announcements, and I have caught up to The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Trailer. I’ve actually done breakdowns of the Mario & Luigi: Brothership trailer, as well as the Super Mario Party Jamboree trailer. So, make sure you check those out after you’re done here.

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Trailer Thoughts

In my opinion, I think that this could be the Breath of the Wild of the dungeon side of Legend of Zelda. I loved this trailer! The gameplay looks fresh, and it looked like they just flipped the franchise on its head, and its able to reinvent itself. After 30 years, we are able to play as the title character! From the story side of things, it looks like that this could be a great adventure, with an interesting story. I was intrigued by what was shown. Then we get to the gameplay. I thought the gameplay looked awesome! The ability to use the echoes looks fun, and it could provide a unique journey to each individual player.

The Disappearance of Link

Why Link Probably Won't Be Totally Absent in Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

Now we start the trailer off with Link doing his usual duties, but this time he fails. Not exactly. He is able to save Zelda, but he ends up falling in this mysterious abyss. After 30 years! The title character finally helms the title of protagonist, and Zelda is set on her journey to save Hyrule. Now just from the opening of the trailer, I think this game looks great! It is about time we play as Zelda, and I think her debut will be a great one. What I’m about to get into in a moment is the fact that this feels like a reinvention of the franchise.

I think this introduction could be fun. Now I don’t know if this is just a cinematic, but it looks like you could play as Link this one time. For the people that don’t look at the trailers, it could be a surprise for some people. They’re playing as Link, and then they see him die in like the first 10 minutes. That’s when they get hit with the surprise that you play as Zelda. Seeing Link fight that enemy just made me bring this up. So, I definitely think you’ll start out as Link in the introduction of the game.

Saving Hyrule

New Legend of Zelda game Echoes of Wisdom has Zelda in starring role -  Polygon

As Zelda escapes the purple matter that’s taking over, we pan out to the land of Hyrule. This is what looks like the same Hyrule from the older games. I love that these games take some of the first couple of games, and Nintendo turns them into a fun cartoon world. Echoes of Wisdom comes out September 26, 2024. I might just have to try to play Link’s Awakening before the game comes out. Zelda is then set on her journey to save the kingdom. It’s a mystery on what this purple abyss is, but it needs to be stopped, and I’m sure we will get the answer on what this is when the game releases.

A Reinvention of the Franchise

Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Needs These Features to Live Up to the Hype

Now what I love about this trailer is that the game basically takes the franchise and flips it on its head. Now, when I say franchise, I’m talking about the dungeon side of Zelda, not the open world games. However, this is the Breath of the Wild/Tears of the Kingdom for the RPG dungeon Zelda games. Then Eiji Aonuma, producer of the Legend of Zelda series, introduces more of the game. This is the part that got me excited. I love the games that is unique to you. Players might have similar experiences for sure. However, it will all be unique. That allows the game play to be more fresh, and the replayability will be easier.

Now what exactly am I talking about? We get introduced to the fairy Tri, who lends Zelda the Tri Rod. With this newfound ability, Zelda is able to use something called Echoes. Echoes can be used to replicate anything that you come across and use them to the best of your ability. This is what is getting me excited for this game. It’s that aspect that could provide the unique experience, and I think people are going to do some pretty cool things with this game.

Boss Fights and Battles

Cuánto ocupa The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom en Nintendo Switch?

Now the last big thing that I wanted to bring up was the different battles that we get glimpses of. “Wisdom is key after all”. We get another look at this new echo ability, but this time we learn we are able to use it against enemies. That’s another part that looks unique, and I think it could really make for a challenge. This game is going to have one length collection! Now that I mention it. That’s another thing that I’m looking forward to in this game. If they do it right, it’ll make the player want to go back through, and collect everything they can.

Wrap Up

That’s really going to be it for my analysis of the Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom Trailer. I know it wasn’t much, and I would have to apologize for that. I’m really going to have to freshen up on my Zelda lore. If you enjoyed reading me talk about the Echoes of Wisdom Trailer, I’ve also talked about the Mario & Luigi: Brothership Trailer, along with Super Mario Party Jamboree. Make sure you check out The Big Stinker Blog for more coverage on gaming, TV, movies, and more! Stay tuned for more reviews and breakdowns! So, until next time stinkers! Bye bye.