Welcome back stinkers! SUPERMAN has been currently filming for a 2025 release and SUPERMAN Set Photos have been coming out day after day! Well, a couple of days have passed, and I’ve decided to do a bit of a recap of what we have gotten so far. We got looks at Clark Kent, the Daily Planet crew, and much more.

Superman to Clark Kent

David Corenswet's Superman look leaked from sets, fans call him perfect  Clark Kent | Hollywood News - The Indian Express

So, I just wanted to talk about our main man right off the bat. I think David Corenswet looks awesome in here! It’s funny to me that people who were complaining about the first suit reveal, switched up and are on board now. Just based off of these set photos, it looks like a comic book panel come to life. A couple of weeks ago, director, James Gunn, posted some of his inspiration from the movie, and it has already come to fruition with the suit. I love how James Gunn was able to tie all of these Superman suits into one. It has the bright colors, the Kingdom Come logo, the cape, and of course! The trunks.

Now of course, you don’t have Superman without Clark Kent. Following our first look at Superman, we got our first look at Clark. Now what I really enjoy about this, is the effort. This might just be the best disguise that Superman has made. Now I know some people have problems with the curly hair, but I don’t mind it. I think it even adds more to the disguise. A video of Kent passing through the crowd has actually released, and I don’t think that people are going to expect this cowardly man to be the confident hero we know as Superman. The hair is also a good explanation for that iconic curl. Whenever Clark needs to change to Superman, as he pushes hair back, he just can’t get that one reluctant curl.

The Daily Panet and the Metropolis Eagle

Clearer look at the newspaper article about SUPERMAN. : r/DCULeaks

Now I also wanted to mention the newspaper articles that we got with Superman. There’s of course The Daily Planet, where Clark Kent actually writes an article about himself, and I just love what he says about himself. In the article that shows Superman stopping a train he says, “Metropolis hero Superman blazed to the front of the runaway train. In an impressive display of superhuman strength and bravery, Superman slowed the train to a halt…” I just love that this movie is going to deliver on some classic Superman moments. James Gunn really understands the character, and this movie is really special to him. That is why I believe James Gunn is about to cook!

Moving on to The Metropolis Eagle, they explain how Superman saves 20 after downtown building collapse. Now I don’t know if they’re going to show these events that these articles are telling us about, but we’re still getting some strong Superman moments. If you take your attention to the picture shown above, Superman is doing his classic pose. Then if you look behind him, you can see that he used his ice breath to save the building. This just gets me even more excited to see a trailer or something where we can see Superman in action.

Superman With Mr. Terrific

Superman Actor David Corenswet Spotted in Costume on Set: Photo

Now one of my favorite SUPERMAN Set Photos has to be the ones with Superman and Mr. Terrific. These are the photos that have got me excited for what’s to come. A complaint that I just don’t understand is the recent castings. You have Edi Gathegi as Mr. Terrific, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho, Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner (Green Lantern), and possibly Milly Alcock as Supergirl. This is a world populated with heroes, and superheroes have been around for a long time. Just because the movie is called SUPERMAN, doesn’t mean there can’t be other heroes. That’s like saying because Oppenheimer is called Oppenheimer, means that they can’t have any other cast members. This look of Mr. Terrific is great, and I am so excited to see more characters.

Now what is Superman doing with Mr. Terrific. With photos later to come, I simply think Mr. Terrific is there to help Superman. There’s another photo that has been released, where Mr. Terrific and Superman looking up at a building. I think that this building could be The Daily Planet, and that could possibly be the building that is talked about in the newspaper article. Later we see the whole Daily Planet crew exiting Terrific’s ship.

The Daily Planet Crew

What are the Daily Planet's staff involved in on the set of 'SUPERMAN' ?  Drop theories ⬇️ : r/superman

We then get pictures of The Daily Planet crew exiting some sort of ship. The ship is believed to be Mr. Terrific’s. We see practically the whole crew exit. We see Lois Lane (Rachel Brosnahan), Perry White (Wendell Pierce), Jimmy Olsen (Skyler Gisondo), Steve Lombard (Beck Bennett), Cat Grant (Mikaela Hoover), and Ron Troupe (Christopher McDonald). Now, I just wanted to take this time to mention that this movie’s cast is amazing. On the superhero side of things, the Daily Planet side, and even the villains. Rachel Brosnahan is rocking the purple button up, seen in countless other Superman iterations. Then you move to Perry White who manages to keep his classic cigar, seen in previous comics. Jimmy Olsen does look a bit different, but all you need to know is that he is a photographer, taking countless pictures for Clark Kent.

Now what exactly is going on in these pictures? It mentioned earlier how I think the building that Superman and Terrific were looking at was The Daily Planet. I think that the building could possibly be in flames, and the Daily Planet crew was just evacuated in Mr. Terrific’s ship. That would be a great way for Mr. Terrific to come in, and a great explanation for why the Daily Planet are coming out with that certain confound look on their face.

First Look at Villains

David Corenswet's pics as Superman leaked; James Gunn's new 'Clark Kent'  seen getting arrested by US Army

I wanted to save one last thing for the very end. In some of the most recent first look photos, we see Superman being escorted by villains/anti-heroes, and the military. In the picture above you are able to see The Engineer (María Gabriela de Faría). She is a member of The Authority, and she is able to use her hot metal body to transform into different things. Like she could turn her arm into some sort of blaster if she wanted. Of course, that liquid metal and such will be added in post-production, with CGI. It isn’t just The Engineer.

We see Rick Flag Sr. (Frank Grillo), along with what looks to be Ultraman. Rick Flag Sr. is the father of Rick Flag Jr. and is set to make his debut in Creature Commandos. More on that in a second. I then wanted to talk about this other character. Some people think that this is Ultraman, because of the U symbol, but I really don’t know. He personally reminds me of Black Noir from The Boys. I think this is a character we are just going to have to wait and find out about.

DCU’s Interconnectivity

Creature Commandos (TV Series 2024– ) - IMDb

Now something that I love about this slate for the DCU is the interconnectivity. I really think that James Gunn is going to succeed in this shared universe. Our first entry is Creature Commandos, an animated show that puts together a team of monsters, similar to The Suicide Squad. That is where we are going to see Frank Grillo’s debut as Rick Flag Sr. Then he will return for live action in SUPERMAN. Then the next thing that we’re getting is Peacemaker Season 2, where we will also see him in live action. I just love the natural flow of this plan. You introduce Flag in Creature Commandos, which goes into SUPERMAN, which goes into Peacemaker. Then you have The Engineer, who will lead into The Authority.

You have even more characters! It’s highly expected for Supergirl (Milly Alcock) to make her debut in SUPERMAN. That very nicely leads into her movie, set to release in 2026. Another character in here is Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion). He’s a fellow Green Lantern, and we already know that one of the first DCU shows is Lanterns. So, Guy could very nicely connect to Lanterns. There is much more DCU movies and shows to come, which I’m sure will be connected very well.

Wrap Up

That is going to be it for my recap of the recent SUPERMAN Set Photos! These SUPERMAN Set Photos included many glimpses of what is to come in the DCU. I have all the faith in the world in James Gunn. SUPERMAN is definitely going to be a very important film. No pressure.

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