Welcome back stinkers! We have recently gotten the news that Shawn Levy is in the running to direct Avengers 5, as well as the fact that there is going to be over 60 returning characters! Make sure you check out my blog post on Avengers 5 from the other day. Today I’ve decided to do what movie fans do best, speculate. I am going to give a list of 60 characters that I think will come back for Avengers 5. I’ll explain how I think they can fit in, and how their role could fit into things. After reading this stay tuned for a full movie concept, tying all of this together. I’d like to remind you that this is my speculation, none of this is going to be true. Just me painting out my own vision for the movie. I just absolutely can’t wait for it.

The Original Avengers

How Marvel assembled its 'Avengers'

Now in the current state of Marvel, the Avengers are dead. Half of the original Avengers have died, and the rest went on their separate ways. We are currently in the Multiverse Saga, and we have already gotten the introduction to variants and with the idea of the multiverse. I think that the current ones who are alive and well, will return in Avengers 5. That would include the characters, Thor, Hawkeye, and Hulk/Bruce Banner. I think they could be the first step into a new Avengers team, and what has been previously established, could payoff in here. Hawkeye already has Kate Bishop, Bruce Banner has She-Hulk, and Thor has Mighty Thor. Given the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder, it might be harder for Might Thor to return, but the post credit scene did introduce Hercules, which we could see come back in here. If you’re looking to have an emotional side to the film, then I think these original characters could bite the dust and pass the torch to these new characters.

As for the other half, I think they could still return in the future. I think Avengers 5 will set up the Secret Wars film(s), and in Secret Wars, I think the deceased ones will come back as variants, and I think there could be a bittersweet reunion with the original group. Whether they’re variants are not. The future is looking more and more bright for Tony Stark, with the recent comments Robert Downey Jr. has made on returning to the character.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord 4K Ultra HD Brilliance

Now Guardians of the Galaxy has to be my favorite thing that has come out of the MCU. James Gunn’s trilogy was truly something special. At the end of the more recent Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we got the confirmation that the legendary Star-Lord will return. Along with that, we got a tease on what could possibly be a new Guardians team. As for Avengers 5, I think there will be returning characters. However, I don’t think everyone’s coming back. The only two that I think are not returning is Drax and Mantis. Dave Bautista has said already that he will not be returning to play Drax, and that Guardians 3 would be his last. On a more speculative note, I think that Mantis is going to continue on her journey, and I don’t think she’ll be bothered. Now that Star-Lord is on earth, I think that he can definitely join the new Avengers team. Keep in mind that the president in the upcoming Captain America 4 is wanting Captain America (Sam Wilson) to start a new Avengers team. Star-Lord is no longer a Guardians member, and he has an established relationship with the Avengers, so I think that Sam Wilson could be in contact with him.

As for the new team, I think they have a solid chance of showing up in here. If not in Avengers 5, then 100% in Secret Wars. If Star-Lord is on Earth, and there’s a big threat calling for a new Avengers team, then I think that Peter Quill will find a way to get in contact with Rocket and the new team. With the inclusion of over 60 characters, there’s definitely going to be an imbalance of characters. I think that Star-Lord will have a definitive, heavy role. I however don’t think that the new team will be featured as prominently. A lot of the heroes in Endgame, didn’t show up until the final battle. I think that might be the case for the new Guardians of the Galaxy. Actually, along with the report of there being over 60 characters, Nebula might be one of them. I don’t exactly know how she could fit in, maybe the person putting together the Avengers visits Knowhere, and Nebula leaves, leaving Drax to lead the planet behind the scenes.

The Sorcerers

Wong Is the MCU's Breakout Character of 2021

Now as I was writing this, we got the news that Wong might be the one to bring the new Avengers together. So, I think some of the sorcerers will have a part to play in the movie. Wong has always been one of my favorite MCU characters, and he has that perfect balance of comic relief and one to have that serious wisdom. With the reshoots that Captain America 4 has been going through, it’s looking like Benedict Wong will return as sorcerer supreme. It’s looking like Wong will be more of the Nick Fury for the new Avengers. The only thing I see colliding with that is that the CinemaCon footage showed president Thunderbolt Ross asking Sam Wilson to put together a new Avengers team. Here’s how I think Wong will come into play. Ross asks Wilson to lead a new team, and he might be more reluctant at first. That’s when at the end in something like a post credit scene, we’ll see Wong open a portal, to let Sam Wilson know that something is happening, setting up Avengers 5. Something like the post credit scene for Shang Chi. One can only hope that Madisynn can make a cameo appearance.

Now I don’t think Wong will be the only sorcerer featured in Avengers 5. At the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we got the tease on what could be another Doctor Strange movie with Clea. As she tears a hole in reality, she explains to Strange that they need to fix this incursion. I think that we’re going to figure out what happens after they go through the portal, and I think that’ll be a set up for the next Avengers. That’s when Strange brings poor old Wong into this, and that’s when Wong assembles a new Avengers team. I also think America Chavez will come back, and I think she’ll be important to the team. What I think could happen is that she gets side lined by the adults, and I think she’ll be underestimated by other team members. That’s when the Young Avengers could come into play, and America could bring them to this final fight near the end of the film.

The Young Avengers

Ms. Marvel | Collider

Now at the end of The Marvels, we got teased a new Young Avengers team. I however don’t think that will branch off into its own project. At the end of The Marvels, we see Kamala Khan pay a visit to Kate Bishop, to assemble a new team. I think that this could pay off in Avengers 5. I mentioned how America Chavez could be crucial to the Avengers’ success, but I think she might be side-lined by the adults. I think that this could be a bit of a character arc for Chavez, and the adults under estimating her, could carry over to the rest of the young heroes. I don’t think they’ll be prominent in this movie, if they were to be included, I think this movie might be a bit overstuffed. I think most of the Young Avengers team might just show up at the final battle. I think that America Chavez and Ms. Marvel would be the leading characters. I think that the team will include Chavez, Ms. Marvel, Cassie Lang, Billy Maximoff, T’Challa Jr., and Skaar.

Skaar is hulk’s secret son, and might come into play on the Hulk side of things. Billy Maximoff is Wanda’s son, who is connected to the likes of Agatha, and that witch side of things. Cassie Lang is Ant-Man’s daughter. I think Ant-Man could play a similar role to the one he had in Endgame. After the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Scott Lang is going to have information that no other hero does. T’Challa Jr. is T’Challa’s secret son who got revealed at the end of Wakanda Forever. I think by the time we get to Avengers, he’ll be aged up a bit to where he can become the new Black Panther. I also think that Ms. Marvel could be the gateway for Captain Marvel. These two have a connection and could easily call upon each other for help. They’ll also have a certain insight because they lost a friend of theirs, Photon, to an incursion. I don’t think Photon will come back for Avengers 5, but she will play an important part in Secret Wars.

Street Level Heroes

Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending Explained: It Takes A Multiverse

So, a story line that is starting to be picked up at Marvel is where Kingpin becomes mayor of New York. In the post credit scene of Echo we see Wilson Fisk interested in running for mayor, teasing the upcoming story. While Echo teases that future, it’s looking like Daredevil: Born Again is going to see Fisk’s campaign for mayor. I think by the end of the first season, we’ll see Kingpin officially get selected. That’s when Spider-Man 4 comes in. Spider-Man 4 is aiming for a late 2025 release, with a current search for a director. At the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we lose Peter Parker, and now Spider-Man is currently a street level hero. I think Spider-Man 4 will see the result of Fisk’s election, and I think Spider-Man will team up with heroes like Daredevil. The story line shows Kingpin outlawing all super heroes, making them illegal. I think that by the end of Spider-Man 4, we’ll get a tease for Avengers 5. Sony is looking to still include a multiversal element in the movie, I think that Wong will sneak Spider-Man out of New York, and explain to him the same issue like Captain America in Brave New World. Since Spider-Man is closer to the release of Avengers 5, I think we’ll get more information compared to Captain America 4.

As for the other heroes, I think Spider-Man is going to want to get the help from his friendly heroes. I think we could see a sequence where Spider-Man goes back to New York, and try to bring Daredevil and any other Defenders with him, to help out with this massive threat. It could maybe be that a Kang variant, or something is running around New York, that has something to do with this threat.

The Supernatural

Marvel's Swampy Man-Thing Is the MCU's Newest, Giant-Sized Fan-Favorite

For a long time now, people have been wanting a Midnight Suns movie, but I don’t think that’s happening. It’s taken so long for us to get a Blade movie, which is still up in the air. I think that these guys might join the fight. With this new problem, it’s looking like we’re going to need all hands on deck. I think that Man-Thing, Jack Russel, and Elsa Bloodstone will come back for this fight. At least Man-Thing. We also have people like Moon Knight, and Blade. If we were to get a Moon Knight season two before Avengers, I think that Pharaoh Rama-Tut (Kang variant) could be introduced. That’s how Moon Knight could be brought in to help. Like Ant-Man, I think he could provide another insight on Kang. I think Khonshu could just be brought in at the final third act fight. Now I’m also going to mention Shang Chi. I know he’s not a supernatural character, but this is the category I thought he fit in the best. I think he will be a recurring character. But I think the biggest part would be in the final third act battle.

The Thunderbolts

The MCU Thunderbolts' Team Line-Up Officially Revealed - Nerdist

2025 is looking to introduce The Thunderbolts to the big screen. I think that they might be important to Avengers 5, but I don’t think their movie will tease the future of the multiverse. I do however think it will progress the story of the MCU. I think some of these guys will return, but I don’t think they will all come back. I think we’re going to see some of these guys bite the dust in their movie. I think that both Yelena and Red Guardian will return. You also can’t leave out the Winter Soldier. I do think that he’s going to die at some point, just not in Thunderbolts. If any of them were to play an important role in Avengers, I think it would be these three. I think a theme that could be used in the Thunderbolts movie is that some of these villains/anti-heroes will be redeemed. I think that applies to all current members. I do however think Ghost, U.S. Agent, and Taskmaster might die. That’s just a complete guess, I have nothing really to judge it on. If some of these members were to come back, I think that it would just be for the final third act battle.

The Eternals

Eternals on Disney+: Ending Explained and MCU Connections - IGN

I also think that the Eternals might take an appearance in here. For the sake of my list I’m only going to mention the four members that are the most likely to appear. I think Sersi, Druig, Kingo, and Thena will come back. Those are probably the most memorable members from the Eternals movie. If any other members will come back, it would probably have to be near the final battle. The Eternals are these protectors of the universe, and whatever problem goes down in Avengers 5, some of these guys might be called upon, back to earth.

Wakandan Heroes

Black Panther Wakanda Forever | Wakanda wallpaper by mintmovi3 on DeviantArt

I think Wakanda might play a role in this as well. I already said that I think T’Challa Jr. will come back, so I think that Shuri, M’Baku, and Okoye will also come back. If something big is going down, then I think it might get the attention of the government, even the U.N. So, I think M’Baku will hear about this, and I think he’ll rally up some important Wakandans, like the ones I suggested. Then if you wanted to bring Namor into this, you could have this problem effect his kingdom, and he might want to join in the fight as well.

Deadpool & Wolverine

Everything we know so far about Deadpool & Wolverine (Deadpool 3) | Digital  Trends

Now Deadpool & Wolverine is looking to be the biggest movie of the summer. It’s going to be this big multiversal event with director Shawn Levy at the helm. With Shawn Levy in talks to direct Avengers 5, I think we’re definitely going to see at least one of these two in Avengers 5. Deadpool for sure. I think these two also have a chance to be the bearer of bad news. I think something big is going to go down in this movie. One direction I think they might go is some sort of incursion. I think that Deadpool’s universe is going to be wiped out, and it would be heartbreaking. That’s when these two will find themselves in the MCU, and it’ll lead into the Avengers. I think that Wong or Sam Wilson is going to find out about these two, and it’ll be a big moment when we see these two walk through that portal. That actually reminds me about this one shot from the trailer where they can be seen jumping through a Strange portal. I don’t think they’re going to be called upon in the movie, I think they’ll wait for that in Avengers. I think they’re going to be vital to the team, and they’ll provide some sort of useful information.

The Fantastic Four

Everything we know about The Fantastic Four | Space

One of the biggest releases of 2025 is about to be, The Fantastic Four. This movie is currently looking like it’s taking place in an alternate universe, one we have yet to see. I think that by the end of their movie, they’ll end up in the MCU with all of the characters we’ve come to know and love. I think that the Avengers will know about them, but I think they won’t show up until the final movie battle. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they wait to introduce them to these characters in Secret Wars. I just think that they could offer a different perspective to the Multiverse, one we haven’t seen yet. One direction they might go is that near the end of the first act, an incursion or something happens to where they end up in our universe. The new Avengers team then heads over to investigate. That’s when a portal opens up, and we see a TVA guard. That TVA guard is B-15, alongside the return of Mobius. I’ll come back to this later when I tie my own story together.

Mobius and the TVA

Loki: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mobius

Speaking of the TVA, I think they’re going to play a major part in the second act. This could literally be where we see Deadpool & Wolverine. It’s certainly an option. I don’t only think that Deadpool & Wolverine will come back, but I think that some other TVA workers will return as well. I think we’re going to see Owen Wilson come back as Mobius, along with Ke Huy Quan as O.B. At the end of Loki season two, the goal of the TVA is now to hunt all Kang variants. I think things are going to be well, but then they come across Kang Prime, who I’ll talk more about in a bit. That’s when the TVA is going to need to get some help. Similar to how they get the help from Deadpool & Wolverine. I think we’re going to see Mobius come back. Along with Sylvie, B-15, and O.B. The only major TVA player that I don’t think will come back is Agent Paradox, introduced in Deadpool & Wolverine. I think that it’s going to be revealed that he’s a villain, and I think he might just die at the end of Deadpool & Wolverine. I do however think he’ll be mentioned in here. I would be glad, because that could make way for Owen Wilson to be able to interact with Deadpool!

Multiversal Figures (The Watcher)

Marvel Studios' 'What If…?': Jeffrey Wright Talks Voicing Marvel's Most  'Passionate Fan' with The Watcher | Marvel

A big multiversal figure from the Multiverse Saga is Uatu the Watcher. In the animated series, What If, The Watcher is the one that narrates these stories across the multiverse. For what could be the biggest multiverse tale, I think he would be great to narrate this story. I think it’s finally time to see Jeffery White to make his cinematic debut, and I think he won’t only narrate it, but I think at some point he’ll have to intervene. I also think he might be joined by Captain Carter. She has become great friends with Uatu, and she knows the multiverse more than any other hero from the MCU. I think that we could be left off with The Watcher having to intervene, and I think Captain Carter will be at his side. Then once we get to Secret Wars, I think we could possibly get The Guardians of the Multiverse. I think if that were to happen it would have to be more of a cameo, because I don’t think the general audience would understand who they are.

Multiversal Figures (Loki)

Loki Is More Than the God of Stories After Season 2

Now Marvel is about to go heavy into the Multiverse, and I think someone like Loki can be a leading man. He is currently outside of time, he is holding all branched timelines, stuck at the end of time. I think that this could be the thing that goes wrong. Although Kang was dropped from the title. Kang is supposedly still going to be the villain of the movie. I think someone like Kang Prime will be trying to get to the end of time to stop Loki from being the loom for all of these branches. I think in Avengers 5, in the final act, the Avengers are going to be in a fight with Kang Prime. Marvel might even carry the Kang Dynasty over as an army for this Kang Prime. Remember, this is all just speculation, none of this is going to be true. One can hope though. Following that same story line, I think that the Avengers will lose by the end of Avengers 5, which will lead into Secret Wars. I think Kang will be a villain in here, but I don’t think he would count as a returning character because this is a variant we haven’t seen before.

  1. Thor
  2. Hawkeye
  3. Hulk
  4. Hercules
  5. Kate Bishop
  6. She-Hulk
  7. Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  8. Star-Lord
  9. Nebula
  10. Rocket
  11. Groot
  12. Craglin
  13. Adam Warlock
  14. Cosmo
  15. Phyla-Vell
  16. Wong
  17. Madisynn
  18. Doctor Strange
  19. Clea
  20. America Chavez
  21. Skaar
  22. Billy Maximoff
  23. T’Challa Jr.
  24. Ms. Marvel
  25. Captain Marvel
  26. Cassie Lang
  27. Ant-Man
  28. Spider-Man
  29. Daredevil
  30. Shang Chi
  31. Man-Thing
  32. Jack Russel
  33. Elsa Bloodstone
  34. Moon Knight
  35. Khonshu
  36. Blade
  37. Yelena
  38. Red Guardian
  39. Winter Soldier
  40. Shuri
  41. Sersi
  42. Kingo
  43. Thena
  44. Druig
  45. M’Baku
  46. Okoye
  47. Namor
  48. Deadpool
  49. Wolverine
  50. Mr. Fantastic
  51. The Thing
  52. Human Torch
  53. Invisible Woman
  54. Mobius
  55. O.B.
  56. B-15
  57. Sylvie
  58. The Watcher
  59. Captain Carter
  60. God Loki

The Teases Along the Way

Sam Wilson's new Captain America suit divides MCU fans - Dexerto

Now that my list of characters are out of the way, I wanted to tie this big story together. Before I get into the movie itself, I wanted to give you a tease for what will be in the story. My movie concept will be a whole different post. I think that some post credit scenes from before could pay off, and I think that more teases are to come. I think things will start to ramp up in Captain America 4. I think the post credit scene will see Wong walk through a portal, to tell Sam Wilson that he needs to tell him something important.

Taking a step back to Deadpool & Wolverine, I think they’ll tease Avengers 5 as well. I think that by the end, Deadpool & Wolverine will end up in the MCU, and they’ll still have connections to the TVA. I think once the two end up in the MCU, they’ll walk in on a serious group of BIG heroes.

Now I mentioned that the Fantastic Four takes place in an alternate universe, and I think they’ll end up in the MCU at the end. That’s when they’ll end up in the MCU, and we end the post credit scene with the TVA opening a portal, and we leave It off there.

The last movie I wanted to mention is Spider-Man 4. I think that by the end of the movie, this big problem is going to be teased at the end, where Spider-Man is going to join this new Avengers team. Now that I have the post credit scenes out of the way, I am going to tie this story together. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Avengers 5: The Big Stinker Cut.

Wrap Up

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for catching up on some movie talk. I absolutely loved writing this, and I can’t wait to show you my concept/vision for the movie. I would like to remind you this is just hard core speculation. None of this I told you is true. I’m telling you now it’s not going to be true. It would still be nice to get some things right though. So stay tuned for my movie concept! Make sure you check out The Big Stinker Blog for more coverage on movies, TV, gaming, and more. So, until next time stinkers! Bye bye.